Sensory Experience Design

Dr Marco Ajovalasit is Principal Investigator in an EU FP7 funded project (£562,000) as part of a £3.2M collaborative research project entitled “Light.Touch.Matters (LTM) – Design driven development of touch sensitive luminous flexible plastics for applications in care & well-being” involving academic partners as well as small and medium enterprises across Europe.The LTM project brings together product designers and material researchers from 9 countries to develop a new generation of materials that will respond to touch with luminosity. The team will be working on combining piezo-electric polymers, which respond to pressure to produce electricity, and flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which emit light in response to electric currents. The resulting material will be flexible and formable so that it can be seamlessly integrated into products, resulting in entire objects that can respond to the user experience.The consortium will also be exploiting the design freedom afforded by these novel ‘light touch’ materials to explore how they could be put to use, primarily in care and well-being applications. Potential applications that will be developed include smart placemats that can act as diet coach or a wristband that reminds patients when they need to take their medication.

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Light Touch Matters from R & A Collaborations on Vimeo.